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Dear Friend (if not now, soon!),

You’re about to discover a fast, simple, and easy new way to make many thousands of dollars a month!

After 20 years of full-time research, I have discovered what may be The World’s FastestSimplest … and Easiest Way to STAY HOME
and GET PAID thousands of dollars a month.

As you know, many opportunities that “CLAIM” they can make you a lot of money are full of hype or total scams.  But recently, my research led me and some of my closest millionaire-making friends to develop a new, but totally proven way to stay home and make many thousands of dollars a month that may very well be...

This new way for you to get paid thousands of dollars a month is amazing!

As you’ll see, this is designed to let you make $60,000.00 in your first 90 days – and then up to $180,000.00 a month or more in your first 12 months – while letting our System do everything for you!


Here’s how fast ... simple ... and easy it can be to get paid up to $60,000.00 in your first 90 days:

MONTH #1: You let our proven automated marketing System bring you just 4 people who want our special product and are also searching for a fast, simple, and easy way to make money.

This puts $4,000.00 cash in your pocket and gets you off to a fast start! PLUS, You’ll never HAVE TO talk to anyone OR do any personal selling.

MONTH #2: Then, we show these 4 people (who are now on your team) how to do the same thing.

They’ll also want our automated System to attract 4 people to them.  This would give you a total of $24,000.00 cash in your bank account.

MONTH #3: Repeat this process 1 more month and you’ll get paid up to $60,000.00 in your first 90 days when you and the 12 people we place into your team let our System do this for you...

STOP! Please take a few minutes a watch
our short movie that completely reveals all the exciting details about how our compensation plan is designed to pay you up to $60,000.00
in your first 90 days. It's important to
watch this movie before you continue.

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And that’s just in your first 90 days!

It’s that SIMPLE  . . .  It’s that EASY  . . .  It’s that FAST!

In fact, many top experts have said:  “This powerful automated System is the fastest and easiest way I’ve ever seen to stay home and get paid many thousands of dollars a month!”



As our mathematical examples in this report will prove...

You are on your way to getting paid up to $60,000.00 in your first 90 days or more –
when our Automated System and trained
sales professionals place just 4 people
a month into your team.

As you’ll see, this is simple math and easy to understand. 

How do you make money?

Good question.  There are actually 2 powerful ways to make money:

First, our main product is a ticket to attend one of our 3-day ‘Wealth Explosion Seminars’ held on a regular basis all over the United States.  These events let you meet and spend three full days with a group of the smartest “start-from-scratch” wealth-making experts on the planet!

Whether you attend one of the live events or get the unedited recordings from home – you will discover the newest tips, tricks, powerful strategies, and secrets for getting all the money you have ever wanted and needed, from experts who are already using these methods to make crazy individual wealth!

But this is only the first way you profit!

The second way you profit from this amazing
3-day Wealth EXPLOSION! Seminar is by becoming a Distributor and getting $1,000.00 CASH for each and every seminar ticket you let our automated system sell for you – and $1,000.00 BONUS CASH each time one of these people lets our proven system sell a Seminar ticket for them!

As you’ll see – this could easily add up to many thousands of dollars paid to you each and every week ... for years!

Best of all – we make our biggest profits by doing all we can to make sure that you make the most money – because the more you make, the more we make!

THE BOTTOM LINE: It’s in our own interest to do all we can to make sure you make large sums of money, because...

Yes, because of this: the more we can do to put as many of these $1,000.00 checks in your pocket, the more of these $1,000.00 checks we will also be cashing!

This separates us from everyone who only wants to make money ‘off’ of you.  We are as different as night and day.  We do not want to make money ‘off’ of you.  Instead, we want to make money ‘with’ you.

Here’s how it works:

FIRST, you get paid $1,000.00 for each and every seminar ticket our automated system sells for you.

SECOND, when they become a Distributor, you’ll also be in position to get paid $1,000.00 extra CASH from each of the seminar ticket sales that our automated system makes for them.  This could add up to as many as hundreds of people who are automatically making money for you!

And the fact that we make $1,000.00 for every $1,000.00 you make is the most brilliant part of what makes the compensation plan for our Wealth Explosion Seminars so powerful.  The Reason Is Simple:

It’s because YOU will also get paid $1,000.00 for every $1,000.00 that we help your Team Members make!

And as you will discover:

This is the amazing secret that lets you get paid up to $60,000.00 within your first 90 days – for letting our proven system get only 4 people a month to join your team!

AND THAT’S JUST THE START: You can have dozens or even hundreds of other people that we place into your team – who are also letting our powerful turn-key automated system work for them – just like it works for you!

And EVERY TIME we make a sale for them, not only will they quickly get $1,000.00, but YOU will also get paid ANOTHER $1,000.00 cash!

Isn’t this amazing? 

You bet it is!  And yet it’s TRUE!

Our Automated System makes it so simple and easy for YOU and each Attendee/Distributor that we place into your team to do only a little and get paid BIG MONEY.

In a minute, I’m going to show you some mathematical examples that will blow you away!

So brace yourself...

And prepare to be shocked!

But first, let me tell you this:

Making massive sums of money with our Automated System is as simple as doing ONE EASY STEP that starts the process of introducing our ‘Wealth Explosion Seminars’ to the millions of people who desperately want and need the profit-making secrets that we’ll reveal to them.

Best of all...

Our Automated System and
professional salespeople take care
of all of this for you … every single day!

This is what makes us different.  We have the proven system and professionals who do all of the selling for you.


The people we place into your team each month will have the ability to do the same thing you did.  They’ll see how simple and easy it is to get paid up to $60,000.00 in their first 90 days – for letting our proven system find and then place only 4 people a month into their team. Then they can quickly get started and let our Automated System take care of everything for them, too.

THIS IS SO SIMPLE AND EASY!  And it can also pay you huge sums of money!  IN FACT:

You could get paid ongoing $1,000.00 BONUS CHECKS On ALL of THE COMBINED SALES
of DOZENS or Even Hundreds of Other
People That We Place Into Your Team!

Just let our proven System and trained
sales professionals place only
4 new people into your personal Team
(who also do the same) and by the 12th month,
your monthly income will blow you away!

PLUS, as you will see...


How fast?  Well, let me start by showing you how it’s possible for you to:

Get paid up to $60,000.00 in 90 days –
for letting our proven system place
only 4 people a month into your team!

I’ve been telling you that it’s possible to get paid a total of $60,000.00 in the next 90 Days!

Now Let Me Show You How Simple It Can Be...

The following chart shows you the amount of money that is possible if our System places an average of 4 Seminar Attendees a month for you, who also do the same.  If this happened, here’s what your monthly income would look like:

Month #1 - 4 Attendees/Distributors - $4,000.00
Month #2 - 8 Attendees/Distributors - $20,000.00
Month #3 - 12 Attendees/Distributors - $36,000.00

Now keep in mind, I’m NOT promising you that you will make $60,000.00 or any specific amount, but:

As you can see - with an automated system that sells an in-demand product that pays out massive commissions on each sale - you only need a small number of sales to reap huge rewards in no time flat!  Remember, this $60,000.00 example is with only a dozen Attendees who also become Distributors and use our Automated System to sell just 1 Seminar a week!

Curious how much money you can make if the people in your team let our automated System only sell JUST ONE SEMINAR TICKET A MONTH?

TAKE A LOOK: If the people in your team let our System only sell just one Seminar Ticket a month – you could potentially get paid $144,000.00 a year! 

Yes, you read that right:

With only one Seminar Ticket a month,
you could
get paid $144,000.00
in your first 12 months alone!

As you can clearly see, the potential to make the biggest amounts of cash in the fastest time is definitely here!

But just in case you have strong doubts right now – I can’t let that stop you from accepting this Invitation and discovering all of this in person...

So I am proud to make you a very powerful
“Better Than NO-RISK Money-Back Guarantee.”

Here’s how it works:  You can sign up now for our first WEALTH-EXPLOSION SEMINAR on August 7th, 8th, and 9th, and immediately get our automated System that puts you in position to start getting $1,000.00 checks.  Then, you can come to our Wealth Explosion Seminar on August 7th – and stay for OVER HALF OF THE ENTIRE EVENT to prove to yourself that this is much more than I say it is...

You can start letting our automated System pay you $1,000.00 checks as soon as your Start-Up Package arrives.  You can be well on your way to getting $60,000.00 in your first 90 days as soon as your automated System arrives.

In fact, you could be earning thousands of dollars a month – before the Wealth Explosion Seminar event takes place!

Then, when it’s time for the 3-day event...

You Can Attend the Wealth Explosion
Seminar and Leave Half-Way Through
the Event and StillGet Every Penny Of
Your Seminar Fee Returned
to You
‘IF’ You You’re Not 100% Happy!

(You’ll keep all the $1,000.00 checks
you receive using our System – Even

if you get your money back.)

With this powerful guarantee – there is NO RISK for you! 

I won’t guarantee that you’ll make a million bucks or any specific amount of money – either directly from the event or from our automated System.  But, we will GUARANTEE to do everything we can to help you make as much money as you want – for as long as you want to make it!

By now you’re probably wondering...

Here’s the answer:

First, it’s important for you to understand that our Distributor Position that lets you qualify to get paid $1,000.00 for every Seminar Ticket our automated System sells for you – and every person we get to join your team – is only $95 if purchased without the Seminar Ticket.  All you have to do is agree to “give up” your first 4 sales and all the future $1,000.00 Bonus checks you would have made from those Distributors.

Or, you can become INSTANTLY QUALIFIED to get $1,000.00 checks by purchasing your own Seminar Ticket – and you’ll get the Distributorship Position absolutely free.

As you may know, my company has held many different money-making seminars over the years – that have sold for up to $6,985.00 or more.

And some companies charge even more!

But my self-made millionaire friends and I need a group of people who are making a fortune with the secrets we will reveal during this first WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR – so that the word will spread like wildfire for our other events which we plan to hold in cities all across America!

So when you accept this Invitation - you’re not only going to get our complete turn-key automated System – and 3 days of the greatest secrets that let you stay home and make more money than you have ever dreamed possible – all for a price so low it’s almost unbelievable.  BUT BEFORE I TELL YOU JUST HOW LITTLE THIS ALL COSTS, WHEN YOU RESERVE YOUR SEAT AT THIS POWERFUL EVENT...

You Will Also Receive 5 Bonus
Gifts –
Worth A Real-World
Value Of $10,827.40!

Free Bonus Gift #1: A value of $2,000.00

You’ll Keep 100% of the Money on
Your Very First Automatic Sale!

Normally, when you purchase your own Seminar ticket – you are IMMEDIATELY QUALIFIED to receive the full commission of $1,000.00 CASH on each and every sale that our Automated System and trained sales professionals make for you and for all of the people we place into your team.

But now THIS is even better!  You see, normally you have to make four sales before your own WEALTH EXPLOSION! Seminar is paid for.  That’s not bad.  After all, this lets you pay for your own Seminar ticket very quickly!

Now, as a free bonus, you will keep 100% of the money on your first Seminar sale that our Automated System makes for you!

Yes, it’s true!  This is not a misprint...

Instead of getting paid $1,000.00 CASH on your first sale, you will get paid almost $3,000.00 CASH!

This is not a trick.  You’re not keeping 100% of the “profit” - you’re keeping 100% of the money on your first sale!  The full Seminar fee goes straight to you! 

YES, We pay you the entire commission on your first sale!  This gets your money back fast and pays for your own Seminar in full!

This is a historic first! No other company has ever let their distributors keep 100% of the money on their first sale.  Yes, this has never been done before!

THIS FREE BONUS SHOULD BLOW YOU AWAY!  In fact, if this were the only free bonus gift you were getting, it would be well worth it for you to purchase your seminar ticket now.  After all, this gives you the power to make the largest amount of money very quickly!

But wait, it gets even better.  Read on...

Free Bonus Gift #2: A value of $728.00

All of Your MEALS, SNACKS,
DRINKS, and Even Your HOTEL
ROOM Will Be Paid for In Full!

Thanks to this Super Free Bonus...

We will roll out the red carpet
for you in the greatest way!

Here’s how it works:  All you have to do is get to Wichita, Kansas, on August 6th, 2009.  That’s it.  We’ll take care of everything else for you...

> Your Hotel Room will be paid for in full!
> Your breakfast for 3 days be paid for in full!
> Your lunch for 3 days be paid for in full!
> Your dinner for 3 days be paid for in full!
> Even delicious snacks will be provided absolutely free!

You will be our special guest of honor and we will treat you like royalty!

Thanks to this Free Bonus #2, attending this premier Wealth Explosion Seminar will be like going to an exclusive luxury resort where everything is taken care of for you!


We’ll secure your hotel room in your name using the credit card you use to buy your own Seminar Ticket.  This will secure your Hotel room as if you had made the reservation yourself.  No fee will be charged to your room unless you don’t show up.  At the end of the event, we’ll walk up to the front desk and pay for your room for you.  So your credit card will simply hold the room – but our credit card will actually pay for it!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Wichita Kansas is a beautiful city with so many things to do.  And we will make your stay here even more pleasurable – by paying for all your meals, snacks, drinks, and your Hotel room!

These first 2 Free Bonus Gifts eliminate any excuse that you may have to not sign up for our premier ‘Wealth Explosion Seminar’ today.

But wait...  There are still three more amazing Free Bonus Gifts to tell you about.  And as you’ll see, this can make you huge sums of extra money!  Read on...

Free Bonus Gift #3: A value of $3,995.

You’ll get 5 years of personal
MONEY-MAKING help so you make
THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT of money with
this amazing wealth-making opportunity.

A very special group of my closest millionaire making experts and I will give you our personal and private help, support, and guidance – to help you make the most money with this powerful opportunity – for FIVE FULL YEARS!

We will be available for THE ENTIRE 60-MONTH PERIOD after the first WEALTH EXPLOSION! Seminar -- to do our best to make you enormous sums of money!

We will do everything within our
power to
see to it that you make
of money
with this amazing opportunity!

During this FIVE YEAR PERIOD – You’ll be getting all you need to make fast cash – and keep it coming to you!     

But wait – there are still TWO MORE FREE BONUS GIFTS and as you’ll see – they are the icing on your get rich cake!

Free Bonus Gift #4: A value of $495.00

You’ll get a FREE Distributor Website
that is designed to let you stay home and
get paid as much as $60,000.00 a month
... or more ... in 90 days!

As a SPECIAL BONUS GIFT, you will receive A FREE DISTRIBUTOR WEBSITE that makes it faster and easier to let our proven Automated System sell the tickets to ALL of our Wealth Explosion Seminars to the millions of people who are searching for a proven way to make huge sums of money.

As you have seen, this has the power to make you as much as $60,000.00 CASH ... or more ... in as little as 90 days... and then pay you up to $100,000.00 a month – or even more...

But Now It’s More Powerful: Your FREE DISTRIBUTOR WEBSITE makes it so much easier for you to sit back and get a full $1,000.00 CASH for each and every Seminar ticket that is sold for you by our Automated System - PLUS make $1,000.00 CASH from ALL of the sales that are made by the people that we place into your team!

And our FINAL GIFT makes it EVEN BETTER!!!  Read on...

Free Bonus Gift #5: A value of $3,609.40

When you sign up for the first WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR...

Another Special Bonus Will Be
and Also SO Controversial That
We Must Whisper It to You!

YES, IT’S TRUE: When you fill your position in our first WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR, I have another FREE GIFT for you that is SO VALUABLE, my other Clients and Distributors will be jealous and very angry if they find out I gave it to you.   So, I can’t tell you about this very unique free gift here.  We will have to tell you what it is over the phone.  In fact, we will have to whisper it to you quietly, in case some of our other Clients are visiting our office or are on the phone with our other Client Service Representatives who are nearby.

Please do not think that this is some kind of clever marketing ploy... because it’s not.

This very extra special wealth-making bonus gift was discovered during a phone call that I had several days ago. 

Here’s how it happened:  All seven of the experts who developed this tremendous opportunity were on the telephone.  We were talking about all of the different free bonus gifts that make this opportunity so valuable – that there’s no way a smart person could pass it up... when all of the sudden, someone said...

Let’s give them
** **** *****-****** ********,
PLUS ********* *******
for free!

I got very excited – because I realized that this free bonus gift was...

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle!

But then my excitement turned into FEAR. 

Yes – I suddenly became very afraid and quickly said:

“There’s no way we can tell our Clients that
we will give them ** **** *****-****** ********, PLUS ********* ******* for free!  If we did
THAT, we’d have a mutiny on our hands!”

You see, many of our current Clients (who normally have to pay for these items) would be very jealous and angry if they knew what this valuable free bonus was.  If they knew you were getting ** **** *****-****** ********, PLUS ********* ******* for free, then they would want it for free, too. 

And we can’t afford to give it to everyone...

... But we can give it to you ... FREE!

Yes it’s YOURS FREE – but there’s NO WAY that I can tell you what it is right out in the open on this website!

I can tell you this:

You can discover the secret behind this very special free gift one of two ways:

THE FIRST WAY: When you fill your WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR position we will immediately send you a special package that tells you exactly what this valuable free bonus is.  And once you discover it, you will jump for joy!

THE SECOND WAY: You can get the secret behind this free bonus right now by calling my hotline and leaving your daytime phone number.  One of my Client Service Representatives will call you back right away.

Listen, I do not blame you if you have strong doubts about this.  But this is real.  It is honest.  And YOU will be SUPER EXCITED when you find out about it!!!

Just call us right now and follow the instructions to
speak with one of our Client Service Representatives and
let them quietly whisper these 7 secret words to you:

1.877.317.5161, ext. 8500
Reference ID: joannromine

You could get the amazing secret behind our
FINAL FREE GIFT in the next 10 minutes!

We are happy to whisper the secret to you over the telephone. 

However, there is ONE CONDITION you must agree to.

Here it is:  Please do not call us just to get the secret behind this valuable FREE BONUS GIFT.  By calling us, you are agreeing that you are SERIOUS about filling your position in our WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR.

Remember, this gift is so valuable that many of our Clients who will not attend the WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR will be very upset with us for offering it to you.  Although we are willing to tell you what this gift is BEFORE you make the decision to join us, we only want to whisper the secret to those who are most serious about making the largest sum of money.  If this is YOU, please call your Client Service Representative now!

As you know, the future is uncertain.  But all five of these FREE Bonus Gifts -- when added to everything else you’re receiving -- can give YOU total financial security for many years and even decades to come.

So add it up.  You’ll see...

This truly can make you set for life!

These are the hottest wealth-making gifts for the hottest wealth-making seminar ever held!

They really are worth the true amount of $10,827.40.

And, because our WEALTH EXPLOSION! Seminar is worth every penny of the
regular price – these 5 free bonus gifts
are yours Absolutely FREE!
But hurry.  This money-making event will fill up fast.

Because of your FREE BONUS GIFTS alone, a strong case can be made that this powerful 3-day ‘Wealth Explosion!’ Seminar has a real-world value of at least $6,785.00...

Maybe even more.

Remember, only a small number of people who are receiving this invitation will get
E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G we have talked about here – including our automated System that lets you get $1,000.00 checks while we do all the work.  You can be
one of the chosen few – by taking action now.

And you’re not going to invest $6,785.00...

You won’t even invest $4,985.00...

Listen closely.  If we only charged $4,985.00 for this powerful 3-day event that gave you these ultimate ways to make money from home, it would be worth it!

So because of this, we decided to only charge only $3,997.  And don’t forget, you’ll also get our completely turn-key automated System that pays you $1,000.00 cash for every Seminar Ticket we sell for you.

At first I was very happy with this price...

But then I thought about it some more...

And because you’re one of the first to sign up for our premier WEALTH EXPLOSION SEMINAR (and get our automated System) – we decided to give you an even better bargain by...


YES, the regular price is $3,997 and worth every dollar.

You’ll SAVE BIG MONEY and still receive everything!

PLUS, this savings will cover ALL of your travel expenses.  (Don’t worry.  Even if you can’t make it to our live event, we’ll record everything and send you everything on Audio CD.)

So add it up.  You’ll see.  This 3-day WEALTH EXPLOSION Seminar truly is the most powerful way for you to make huge sums of money from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

And remember, even if you are the slightest bit unsure that everything you are getting during the WEALTH EXPLOSION Seminar is perfect for you – you’ll get every penny back.  I’ll thank you for having the courage to consider this.  And we will part friends...

There is NO RISK TO YOU!  None.  Zero.  Zip.  You must be happy, or it costs you nothing.

Plus, as you have already seen in this invitation...

You can also make a FORTUNE by letting our Automated System promote this Seminar for you and the people we place into your Team!

If you looked at the mathematical examples, you know: the powerful potential to make up to $60,000.00 in your first 90 days is within your reach.

So please think carefully about all of our mathematical examples and prove to yourself that the power to stay home and get paid enormous sums of money is now yours!  And remember, when it comes to the potential money you can make, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg!  Much more will be revealed to you when you fill your seminar position!

But for now, I must wrap this up.  SO IN SUMMARY...


First: You can attend our first WEALTH EXPLOSION Seminar that will be held in downtown Wichita, Kansas, on August 7th, 8th and 9th, 2009.  This gives you the proven secrets that let you stay home and make big money from home - from OVER ONE DOZEN money-making experts!
Second:When you fill your Seminar Position, you will also receive ALL FIVE of our Powerful Bonus Gifts – worth the full and true price of $10,827.40 -- FREE!

Third: You can make even more money by becoming a Distributor for our WEALTH EXPLOSION Seminars and let our proven Automated System sell the tickets to our Wichita Kansas event (and all of our future events) to the millions of people who are searching for a proven way to make huge sums of money.  There is no guarantee that you will get paid any specific amount of money...

But, as you have seen, this truly does have the power to make you as much as $60,000.00 ... or more ... in as little as 90 days!

BEST OF ALL...  As you also (hopefully) know by now...

Your purchase of your own WEALTH EXPLOSION! Seminar ticket IMMEDIATELY QUALIFIES YOU to receive a full $1,000.00 CASH for each and every Seminar ticket that is sold for you by our powerful Turn-Key Automated System and to also make $1,000.00 CASH from ALL of the sales that are made by the people that we place into your team!

As you have seen -- this alone has the awesome power to make you super rich!

And when it comes to the money – you have
only seen the tip of the iceberg!  As you’ll
see when you fill your position – the potential
to make as much as $180,000.00 a month
in 12 months is definitely here!

So fill out the Reservation Form now!

As you have seen – this complete automated system truly is designed to pay you $60,000.00 IN YOUR FIRST 90 DAYS for letting our automated system place just 12 people into your team.  Go back through this letter and prove it to yourself.  Then, fill out the Reservation Form at once.

HURRY.  An opportunity to get paid $60,000.00 in 90 days and then go on to bringing in as much as $100,000.00 a month – or more – for letting a complete automated system do everything for you – only comes along once in a lifetime – but you have one here.  I hope you take it.

Sincerely yours,

T.J. Rohleder

P.S. PLEASE HURRY.  The $10,827.40 in super money-making bonuses may never be offered to you again.  We may decide to never offer this ever again – or you may be forced to invest the full price.  To get this - you must hurry!  Just fill out your ‘RESERVATION FORM’ at once!  You’ll be very happy that you did and sorry if you don’t.

P.S. #2: You Could STILL End Up Getting Paid $144,000.00 if YOU and Each of the Attendee/Distributors We Place Into Your Team Only Secure 1 Seminar Ticket a Month!  I WILL PROVE THIS TO YOU with special information that you will receive when you send in your Reservation Form!

P.S. #3:  Remember, Our Full Money-Back Guarantee Gives You The Complete Protection You Need!

P.S. #4:  YOURS FREE: “How To Make up to $180,000.00 A Month or More – Within 1 Year!”  Send in your Reservation Form now and I will send you our brand new Report, called: “How To Make up to $180,000.00 A Month or More – Within 1 Year!”  This amazing report picks up where our examples in this letter ended.  Plus, it also reveals some amazing secrets that that nobody else will receive, INCLUDING the secret to getting paid up to $144,000.00 in your first 12 months -- if the people in your team let our System only sell just one Seminar Ticket a month! 

So Reserve Your Position NOW and I’ll RUSH
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But that’s still not all...

An Amazing Extra bFree Bonus Gift – Worth $4,529.00 – Is Yours Absolutely Free!

GOOD NEWS!!  My seven wealth-making friends and I have just decided to give you another last-minute free bonus gift – worth the full and true price of $4,529.00!  This Free Gift contains over 140 hours of audio and 500 pages of the greatest wealth-making Programs we have ever produced.  It’s guaranteed to be worth $4,529.00and it’s yours absolutely free.  This Free Bonus gift is yours on top of everything that you’ll receive – absolutely free – when you reserve your position now!

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